What's the difference between a dispute and a claim?

If a buyer submits a payment for an item but hasn't received it or the item is not as described, they can notify us about this. However, we recommend that a buyer first contacts the seller in order to try to come to an agreement together. If this fails, a buyer can open a dispute within 180 days of the transaction.

To open a dispute

A buyer can open a dispute by using the Resolution Center in their PayPal account. In a dispute, a buyer and seller can communicate together by posting messages in the Resolution Center. If they can solve the problem this way, the dispute can be closed.

If however this is not the case, the dispute can be escalated to a claim.

To open a claim

Both buyer and seller can escalate a dispute to a claim. By escalating the dispute, we are asked to investigate the situation. We can request both parties for additional information and we'll make a decision based on this.

► If you opened a dispute, we advise you to only close it when the issue is completely resolved. If the seller issues a (partial) refund, only close the dispute once you've received it. As soon as a dispute is closed, you can't open a new one in relation to the same transaction.