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How do I use the Help Center site?

The PayPal Technical Support site is designed to help you find solutions to common questions related to integrating or troubleshooting PayPal products. With this website you can:
  • Search for information.
  • Submit questions to support staff.
  • Track the status of your submitted questions.

Note: Our Merchant Technical Support (MTS) teams are ready to assist merchants and partners with integrations and other technical issues. For general account inquiries and basic customer issues, visit the PayPal Help Center.

Find information

Here's how:

  • From the Help Center home page, enter your question or search term, and click Search. All FAQs that match your search criteria are displayed.
  • To narrow your search, you can click one of the help topic categories listed on the right side of the page. When you do this, the page displays links to the sub-topics found in that category. Click on a sub-topic, and the page displays links to the names of all FAQs associated with that sub-topic. For example, to see information about the payment types available when you send money, you'd click the My Money help topic, then the Sending money sub-topic, and finally the link to What are the payment types when I send money?
  • If the information you seek is a common search topic among PayPal's customers, you may be able to find additional answers in PayPal's Community Help Forum.
Submit questions to support staff

Here's how:

If you can't find an answer to your question, or if you just need further help with your integration or troubleshooting issue, you can submit a question to our technical support staff.
  1. Click Contact Customer Service at the top of the Help Center home page.
  2. Choose one of these contact methods:
    1. Click Call us. You'll see our technical support phone number and receive a six-digit passcode that uniquely identifies you to us.
    2. Click Email us. The website displays a form you can use to email us your question, and links to answers for the most commonly asked questions.
    3. Click Community Help Forum to go to the Forum's webpage.

If you'd like to open a problem resolution request with PayPal, click Resolution Center at the top of the Help Center home page, then click Report a problem and follow the prompts to describe the issue and submit your report.
Track status of your submitted questions

If you've opened a problem ticket and want to know its status, click Resolution Center to see which of your tickets are open, closed, are under review by PayPal, and so on. You can also click the Download report link on the right side of the page to get a complete list of all your submitted issues.

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