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What is a chargeback or reversal?

A chargeback occurs when a buyer asks the credit card company to reverse a charge.

There are various reasons for a chargeback: The most common reasons are that the credit card holder indicates that:

  • they didn't authorize the payment.
  • they didn't receive the purchased item.
  • the item received is very different from the original description.
  • a payment is processed multiple times.

If a chargeback is filed, you will be notified by email. We will ask you for additional information in case we need to open a dispute with regard to this chargeback. We will also check if you are eligible for PayPal Seller Protection.

However, the credit card company determines if a chargeback is completed or canceled.

For more information about chargebacks and how to prevent them, click on Security at the bottom of any PayPal page.


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