PayPal Protects you From Identity Theft

Pay without sharing your bank account or credit card information.

Entering private data like your credit card information on a website always contains the risk of others gaining unauthorized access to your data, and then misusing it in your name. The easiest way to protect yourself from identity theft is simply not to share your personal and sensitive data with others. When you pay with PayPal you don't have to share your data with the seller. This way your information won't get into the wrong hands and you're safe.

Extensive protection of your PayPal account against unauthorized access.

PayPal is the safe way to pay online. Not only do we safeguard your personal data, we offer you extensive protection against unauthorized payments from your account. We send you a confirmation email for every PayPal account transaction. If you receive confirmation of a payment that you didn't authorize, our customer support team will help you any time. This way the situation will be sorted out as fast as possible.
Other ways to protect yourself.

PayPal is committed to helping you stay safe. With the following tips you can actively contribute to your safety:
  • If you must enter personal or financial information online, make sure you’re on a secure website

  • Review your credit card and bank statements for transactions you don’t recognize

  • Store your banking information and credit card in a safe place.