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PayPal isn’t just for buying online – you can also use your Paypal account to receive payments. Whether you want to sell on eBay or just hold a digital garage sale, PayPal makes it fast, easy, and safe to get paid.

Accept Credit Cards With PayPal
PayPal is an easy, low-cost way to accept credit cards. You don’t have to purchase expensive machines or get a costly merchant account – all you have to do is upgrade to a PayPal Premier Account. Learn about upgrading

Use PayPal to Get Paid:
  • Selling on eBay – PayPal is the preferred method of payment on eBay, and since PayPal is completely integrated into the payment flow, it couldn’t be easier to set up. Learn more about receiving payments on eBay.

  • Selling on and offline – You can also use PayPal to get paid for anything, whether you’re selling through online classified ads or the newspaper. Receiving payments through your PayPal account is faster, easier, and safer than taking a check! Learn more about the Request Money feature.

  • Bill your customers - With PayPal, you can bill your customers quickly and easily online. This feature is perfect for people who sell their services, and you don’t even need a website – just email your customers a PayPal Payment Request that they can click and pay. Learn more about Email Payments – and don’t miss the demo!

  • Add payment buttons to your site – PayPal Payment Buttons are a simple way to accept payments on your website. You don’t need any technical experience to use payment buttons, but you do need to have a Premier account. Learn more about adding payment buttons.

To see more payment options, visit our merchant services area.