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Can I customize PayPal buttons in Checkout?

Checkout offers several style options that you can use as follows:
  • Customize the look and feel of your PayPal payment button and payment buttons.
  • Display and customize payment buttons for multiple alternative funding sources to the buyer, when appropriate.
Here’s what Checkout’s Smart Payment Buttons feature enables you to do with buttons:
  • By default, Checkout displays only a single PayPal checkout button. However, if your buyers will use additional funding sources, such as Venmo, then Checkout can display multiple buttons in the space provided. You have two layout choices: horizontal (side by side), which displays up to two buttons; and vertical (top to bottom), which displays up to four buttons. The style.layout parameter determines which layout is applied.
Here’s an example of a horizontal button layout:

And here's an example of a vertical layout:

When your buyers can choose among multiple funding sources, PayPal automatically determines which additional buttons are appropriate to display. However, you can opt in or opt out of displaying specific funding sources in either the horizontal or vertical layout.
  • You can choose the color (gold, blue, silver, or black) and shape (pill-shaped or rectangular) for each button.
  • You can choose the size of each button: small, medium, large, or responsive. Checkout calculates the height of responsive buttons dynamically, based on the button width you set.
  • You can select the language that appears on your buttons; and you can choose among 23 different locales. For example, if your locale is the US, your checkout button will display PayPal Checkout. If you choose Germany as your locale, the button will display PayPal Zur Kasse.
To customize all of these button characteristics, you set a series of button style parameters. If you’re not sure how you want your payment buttons to look, or you want to experiment with different configurations, PayPal provides an interactive set of online demos you can use to try out different button styles and optional button features before you implement them on your live website.

To learn how to customize your site’s payment buttons and configure the layout of multiple payment buttons, see Customize the PayPal button.

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