An exciting new world of online cross-border opportunities awaits you. With PayPal, you can send and receive money in 24 currencies from anyone with an email address in 203 countries and regions. As a global leader in online payments, with 230 million accounts worldwide and growing, we empower you by removing hurdles and accelerating the pace of online transactions across borders.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, PayPal offers an outstanding array of benefits for international transactions:
  • Attract an international audience to your e-commerce website
  • Send money to family or friends around the world
  • Welcome regional or global buyers to your eBay listings
  • Buy online from another country with minimal fuss, hassle and cost

Did you know?

Items on that sell cross-border with PayPal generate a 16.7% higher selling price, on average*.
* eBay Insights and Analytics Group, May 2005. Results are based upon statistical averages and do not constitute a warranty that individual eBay businesses will achieve the same results.

PayPal Is Fast

Don’t let paper-based payment systems slow down your transaction. PayPal users buy in real-time with just a few clicks.

  • Sellers - Waiting for a money order or check to arrive takes even longer for international transactions, and your bank may charge substantial fees to redeem them. With PayPal, you’re notified of payments instantly so you can send your items faster and keep customers happy.
  • Buyers - Using PayPal means multiple currency transactions are as efficient as domestic ones, and payments are sent instantly. (View a demo of our multiple currency feature.) Better yet, you can complete a purchase from your office, home or anywhere you have access to the internet.

PayPal Is Easy

Sign up for a PayPal account in only a few minutes. Choose Personal, Premier or Business depending on your needs. And then you can pay for purchases from around the world in just a few clicks—you never have to leave your mouse.

Sellers have access to our suite of free tools for their online business such as Shipping and Tracking Reports, and Financial and Invoicing Tools. You can even download the E-Business Marketing Guide.
PayPal Is Secure

Unlike with checks or wire transfers, PayPal never shares your financial information with your buyer or seller. And with PayPal Buyer Protection, qualified purchases are eligible for up to $2,000.00 USD coverage at no additional cost.

Your security is among our highest priorities.

Security is of critical importance at PayPal. We use proprietary technology - and constantly innovate - to help ensure your transactions are safe. In addition, PayPal and eBay have over 1,000 people worldwide dedicated to keeping PayPal accounts safe, and stopping online criminals.

PayPal Is a Great Value

  • Buyers - It's free to send international payments in the same currency. If your transaction involves a currency conversion, competitive exchange rate fees apply.
  • Sellers - PayPal's international transaction fees are extremely competitive when compared with other international payment methods such as checks, international money orders and bank transfers. With PayPal, you can accept all major forms of payment – at a lower cost.

Did you know?

eBay cross-border sellers who offer PayPal have on average 43% lower Unpaid Item rates than those sellers who do not offer PayPal. *

* Data represents purchases on eBay globally (excluding Motors) in Q1 2005. It compares Unpaid Items (UPI) cases from successful listings where sellers offered PayPal and successful listings where sellers did not offer PayPal. Calculations by PayPal team.

What PayPal users are saying…

“It ensures smooth, quick and safe payment transactions which are a must for my international sales.”
-Anneke D., Belgium

“With PayPal the world of international trading becomes a lot smaller…An ideal tool for international trading on eBay!”
-J.J. Bijleveld, Netherlands

“Whether buying in Germany, Spain or Austria - with PayPal, payment is absolutely safe and fast for me!”
-Banis, Switzerland