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Policy Updates



This page informs users in advance of important changes to the PayPal Service, its User Agreement, or other policies. We encourage you to review this Policy Update to familiarize yourself with all of the changes that are being made to the PayPal User Agreement. These updates will be posted at least 30 days prior to their effective date.


Amendments to the PayPal User Agreement, with respect to User Accounts in Asia Pacific, certain European and Latin American countries, Middle East and Africa.

Effective Date:  March 29, 2017


PayPal is changing its User Agreement. The amended User Agreement will be effective as to all PayPal users on March 29, 2017. We encourage you to review this Policy Update to familiarize yourself with the changes that are being made.


Change in party responsible for payment of Personal Payments Fees

Previously, the sender may determine whether the fees for Personal Payments will be paid by either the sender or the recipient. Following the change, the fees for Personal Payments shall be paid by the sender.

Change in description of “Personal Payments”

Previously, “personal payments” was defined as “a payment to a friend or a family member for goods and/or services such as your share of the rent or a dinner bill. Personal Payments may not be used for sending gifts.” Following the change, the terms “for goods and/or services” in the definition has been deleted.

Clarity in eligible requirements for PayPal Buyer Protection

Changes are made to make it explicit that in order to be eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection, payment must be made for an eligible item and be made from the user’s PayPal Account.

New call-outs as examples of ineligible items under PayPal Buyer Protection and PayPal Seller Protection

Donations, cash equivalents, financial products and mass payments / payouts are added as new call-outs examples of ineligible items under both PayPal Buyer Protection and PayPal Seller Protection. Counterfeit goods has been added as a new call-out example of ineligible items under PayPal Seller Protection.

eBay Money Back Guarantee

Changes are to be made to the time period during which PayPal may withdraw funds from Seller PayPal accounts following a successful claim against a Seller under the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

Central and Latin America Micro-pricing

Changes have been implemented to clarify and provide for micro-pricing provisions in Central and Latin American countries.

Malaysia specific changes

PayPal has joined the Malaysian Financial Service Ombudsman program and has adapted its Malaysia specific provisions in the User Agreement to accommodate this. Further, a Bahasa Melayu language translation of the Privacy Policy has been provided.

Philippines specific changes

PayPal has recently entered into arrangements with financial services partners in the Philippines to increase the withdrawal of balance options for Philippines users. The User Agreement has been updated to reflect this new facility and clarify where the liability for any losses sit that occur from use by users of these withdrawal programs.

Commercial Entity Agreement

Revisions are proposed to the Commercial Entity Agreement to reflect changes in our credit card acquiring arrangements in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Pricing Changes

Changes have been made to Mass Pay Fee Caps and Commercial Payments fees for Albania, Andorra, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Moldova, Monaco and Serbia.