What are the benefits of PayPal Shipping?

With PayPal Shipping, you can purchase U.S. Postal Service and UPS shipping labels online using your PayPal account. Once you’ve purchased a label, all you need to do is print and affix it to your package, and then give the package to the carrier.

With PayPal Shipping, you can:

  • Spend less time on shipping paperwork.
  • Manage all of your PayPal shipments in one place.
  • Prepare several packages to ship at the same time.
  • Track packages that you post through PayPal.
  • Customize and print packing slips to include with your shipments.
  • Ship to nearly every location in the world.

To start using PayPal Shipping, click the Activity tab. Find the relevant transaction and click Print shipping label. Choose a shipping carrier and click Continue. Review the "Ship From" and "Ship To" addresses on the "Create Your Shipping Label" page and make any edits, if needed. Enter the required information under "Shipment Information" and "Shipment Options" and click Continue. Review your information for accuracy and click Pay and Continue. Click Print Label, which will appear in a separate pop-up window. After you print the label, you'll see "Label Completed."

If you need to update the address you’re shipping from, your shipping carrier preferences, return labels or other details, visit the PayPal Shipping Information page.

Shipping rates
Your shipping rates are how much you charge customers to ship their items. For single items, you can use flat-rate shipping. When customers order more than one item, you can charge an incremental shipping fee.

For more complex shipping rates, you can use the PayPal Shipping Calculator. It sets your shipping rates based on order amount (monetary value), order weight or item quantity. You can also set profiles for different states or regions.

If you are looking for more information on how to ship internationally, click here.