How do I know if an email is really from PayPal?

An email from PayPal will:
  • Come from
    • Scammers can easily fake the “friendly name,” but it’s more difficult to fake the full name.
    • A sender like “PayPal Service (" is not a message from PayPal.
    • Sophisticated scammers can sometimes fake the full name, so look for other clues.
  • Address you by your first and last names, or your business name.
An email from PayPal will never:
  • Ask you for sensitive information like your password, bank account, credit card, driver’s license or passwords. If we send you an email requesting information from you, we will direct you to log into your account and provide the information through the website.
  • Contain any attachments or ask you to download or install any software.
Your online safety is important to us! Please keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious-looking communication. A little awareness can go a long way when it comes to thwarting phishing attacks.

To see a video about suspicious mails, click here.