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Your PayPal account offers more than just online purchasing power — it's also a simple way to send and receive money online, whether you're splitting a bill, organizing a charity drive, or just sending money to a friend. Get started

What you can do with your PayPal Account.
Send MoneySend money to anyone with an email address. Login and click the Send Money tab.
Request MoneyCollect money for a group gift, invoice your roommates, or send a loan reminder to a friend. Your recipients will receive instructions on how to pay you through PayPal. Login and click the Request Money tab.
Track Your Online SpendingWhether you're managing shared bills, monitoring your spending, or tracking donations, your PayPal account makes it easier to track your online expenses. Go

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See how easy it is to send money, request money, and receive money with your PayPal account.
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Get Verified. When you link your bank account to your PayPal account you can use PayPal to send money from your bank account to anyone with an email address.

PayPal protects the safety and security of your bank account information. Plus, payments from your bank account are 100% protected against unauthorized withdrawals.

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Sending money with PayPal is:
Sending money online is as easy as typing in an email address and clicking send. Check out the demo.
You'll enjoy the same cutting-edge security and fraud protection you get with every PayPal transaction. Learn more.
Sending person-to- person payments through your PayPal personal account is free. Sign up today!
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