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It’s easy to pay for everyday things with our app. Pay at the counter or from your table, order ahead for your coffee or have dinner delivered to your door. Simply log in and pay, just like online.

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Open our app and find your store.


Check in to pay, place your order or pay the bill.


And that’s it – you’ve paid. Next!

Step to the front of the line.

Save time and avoid the queues. Use our app in line just like online to get you out the door sooner.

No cash? No worries.

With the PayPal app, you can pay for things in-store with your mobile. There’s no need for cash or a card. It’s a faster, more convenient way to pay.

Order over chaos.

Order ahead so you can get your goodies and get on with your day. No signing, no queues. You can even pay from the table in certain restaurants. Can’t catch the waiter’s eye? Stop trying.

“Using the PayPal app allowed me to order a coffee from my work desk and avoid the queue down at the café!”

Nick Coffman, Sydney

All in one safe place.

Your PayPal account protects your money and cards better than your pocket. All your financial information is in the safest place possible – your brain. Just remember your mobile number and PIN to pay the smarter way.

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Tap into your money.

Our app carries the power of your PayPal account on your mobile device. Link your credit or debit card and you can choose how you’ll pay for in-store purchases.

11.5 More than 11.5 million payments are processed by PayPal every day.

Run free.

Pay through the app, not through the nose. Buying is free within Australia.

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Take your money out on the town.

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