How to buy in person

Leave your wallet at home

You don’t have to be shopping online to pay with PayPal. When you’re out and about, you can pay easily and securely with just your mobile.

Install the PayPal app on your smartphone, sign up for a PayPal account and link your credit or debit card.
Upload a photo of your face and choose your preferred payment type (card or bank account).
Tap Local to checkin or order ahead. The store will confirm the purchase by checking your first name and photo, then we’ll email you a receipt.

Buying just got mobile

Leave your cash and cards at home and pay with just your smartphone. Tap on Local, choose a store and either:
•    Check in. Tell the seller you’re paying with PayPal and you’re done.
•    Order ahead. Your goods will be paid for instantly and ready to pick up when you get to the store.
You’ll receive a push notification (if you’ve enabled them) from our app and an email when the payment is complete.

How it works

Choose how you’ll pay

Link your credit or debit card and you can choose how to pay for in-store purchases. You never need to worry about having funds in your PayPal account and it’s free to make purchases in-store.

More about payment methods

Where can I pay with my smartphone?

You can pay with PayPal on your mobile at great stores like:

And hundreds of smaller sellers around the country.

*Pitt Street, Sydney store only.
**PayPal not available at Sonoma’s Glebe store.

Go mobile now

Download the PayPal app to your iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone to start paying in person. Tap Local in the PayPal app to find sellers near you.

More about using PayPal on your mobile

Buy better with your mobile

Buying in-store with your mobile means you can keep a better record of your purchases than you ever could when paying with cash. It’s great for when you’re in a hurry – no more counting coins or searching for loose change at the bottom of your purse .

Buy on your mobile

Sign up for free

Download the PayPal app to your iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone to start paying in person.