What is eBay Managed Payments?

What is eBay Managed Payments and will if affect my PayPal Working Capital Loan?
With eBay Managed Payments, eBay will manage the end-to-end payments experience on the eBay platform, and individual merchant sales will no longer be visible to PayPal.  That means we no longer be able to deduct automatic repayments and assess future eligibility, as we won’t have access to your eBay sales records. 

Can I continue to automatically repay my PayPal Working Capital loan when my business moves to eBay Managed Payments?
No. If you use eBay Managed Payments, even when PayPal is included as a checkout option, loan repayments will not be automatically made from your eBay sales and you would  need to make manual repayments instead.  

Will eBay Managed Payments affect my future access to PayPal Working Capital?
Yes. Even when PayPal is included as a checkout option, enrolling in eBay Managed Payments will most likely affect your future access to PayPal Working Capital. 
Why is this? Because your individual merchant sales on eBay Managed Payments will no longer  be visible to PayPal; as such,  your eBay sales cannot be used to either (1) repay your existing PayPal Working Capital loan; or (2) underwrite future PayPal Working Capital loans. Loan amounts are impacted by the volume of sales you process with PayPal, and that PayPal has visibility into.  

How can I ensure I stay up to date with my PayPal Working Capital repayments?
You can check your Minimum Payment requirements at any time by logging into the PayPal Working Capital dashboard, from there you will be able to see the minimum amount that is due every 90 days. This is just the minimum amount you need to repay to ensure your PayPal Working Capital loan remains in good standing. You can choose to pay more than the minimum amount displayed there  to account for any changes in future sales.

If you’re having trouble repaying the loan after moving to eBay Managed Payments, you can easily make manual repayments from your PayPal Working Capital Dashboard using your PayPal balance or verified linked bank account.

You could keep a record of what you sell on eBay each month and then make a manual repayment to help pay off the loan. For example, if you sold $5,000 on eBay last month, with your 20% repayment rate, you could make a manual repayment of $1,000 towards your loan. 

What is PayPal doing to provide access to future financing opportunities in light of the eBay Managed Payments program?
We value your business and we are working on solutions to enable PayPal Working Capital to work in an environment that assesses and considers sales processed with eBay Managed Payments. We will keep you updated as new capabilities and features are released.