How do I pay for my Gumtree purchases using PayPal?

To use PayPal to pay for your purchases on Gumtree:

  1. Link your PayPal account to your Gumtree account. You'll see a green tick next to the PayPal logo on your Gumtree app once you've successfully linked your accounts.
  2. Chat with your seller in the Gumtree app about the listing that you are interested in. In the messenger screen you can see whether the seller accepts PayPal.
  3. Meet up with your seller and confirm the sale in person. 
  4. When you've agreed to the sale, the seller will request the payment in the Gumtree app.
  5. You can then review the payment request information in the Gumtree app and choose your preferred payment method.
  6. Once you've confirmed the payment, the money will appear in the seller's PayPal account.
Note: PayPal Buyer Protection does not apply to payments made through Gumtree. Before you pay, carefully inspect the item in person or confirm the service has been completed to your satisfaction. Make sure you are with the seller when you pay.