How do I integrate Payflow Pro (API Edition) with Volusion v2?

When you integrate Payflow Pro (API Edition) with Volusion, your customers pay with their credit card while still on your site.

Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Volusion admin panel.
  2. Select Settings > Payment.
  3. Fill out the following fields on the Payment Gateway tab:
    • Gateway Country - Select the country where your business is located.
    • Gateway Name - Select Other.
  4. Enter the appropriate credentials in the following fields:
    • Gateway Name - Type PayPal.
      Note: For Canada use PayPalCA.
    • (Custom) - Paste your PayPal API Username.
    • Field 3 (Custom) - Leave this field blank.
    • Field 4 (Custom) - Paste your PayPal API password.

Note: You must submit the API Certificate file to Volusion using a support ticket after completing the integration process (Step 7).
  1. Click Alternative Settings.
  2. Select your preferred capture method, then click Save..
  3. Click Save.

Here's how to submit the API Certificate file to Volusion Support for inclusion to the store:
  1. Click Create Ticket (under My Support) to submit a support ticket, and attach your API Certificate.
  2. Within the Ticket Box, enter the following:
    • Category Type - Select Support.
    • Service - Select PayPal API Certificate Upload.
    • Subject - Select PayPal API Certificate Upload.
    • Description - Inform Volusion support that you want the attached PayPal API Certificate to be applied to the store.
  3. Click Attach a file and navigate to the location of the PayPal API Certificate file.
  4. Click Submit to send the support ticket. (This process can take a long time, depending on queue volume. If you see delays in activation, have a merchant call in after submitting the ticket.)

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