How do I get paid for my Gumtree sales using PayPal?

Here's how you can receive payments for your Gumtree sales using PayPal:

  1. In the Gumtree app, link your PayPal account to your Gumtree account. You'll see a green tick next to the PayPal logo once you've successfully linked your accounts. 
  2. Chat with your buyer within the Gumtree app about the listing they are interested in. From the Gumtree messenger screen, buyers can see that you accept PayPal.
  3. Meet up and confirm the sales in person. Have your mobile ready to request the payment in just a few taps.
  4. When you've agreed to the sale, enter the specific amount and request the payment in the Gumtree app.
  5. Once your buyer has reviewed and confirmed the transaction, the money will appear in your PayPal account. A transaction fee will be taken from the amount you receive.
When you receive payments using PayPal for your Gumtree sales, you are protected against unauthorised transactions.