How do I create and send an invoice or payment request?

You have 3 convenient options to request payments from your friends or customers. It's ok if they don’t have a PayPal account yet; we'll help them sign up for one and guide them through the payment. We’ll email you when your payment request or invoice is paid. 

There’s no fee for your to request a payment. You only pay a fee for receiving a payment when your request is paid. When the payment request is paid, the funds are added to your PayPal account balance.

Option 1. Send an email payment request

What is PayPal Email Payments?
Email Payments allow you to receive payments from anywhere around the world simply by sending a digital request. The recipients will then receive an email that allows them to pay you with credit/debit card, bank account, or their PayPal balance. If the transactions are eligible for Seller Protection, it’ll be reflected in your Transaction Details page.

To send a payment request:

  1. Go to Send & Request.
  2. Enter the email address, mobile number or name of the person and click Next.
  3. Enter the amount you're requesting and select the currency.
  4. Select either 'Split a bill' or 'Basic request'.
  5. If needed, click to Add someone else.
  6. Add a note if required.
  7. Review the information and click to send your request by clicking Request Now.

You can request money from more than one person at a time. To do so, just enter their email addresses separated by commas in Step 2 above.

To request a payment from your PayPal app:
  1. Tap Request Money.
  2. Enter the name, email or mobile number of the person from whom you're requesting money.
  3. Type the amount requested, and tap Next.
  4. Review and tap Request Now.

Option 2. Send an invoice

What is PayPal Invoicing?
Online Invoicing is a free management tool to help you automate your invoicing process. The feature provides an easy-to-use invoice template that can be personalised with details such as your company logo, product descriptions, and invoice ID numbers. They can also be customised with discounts, shipping costs, and the currency you wish to be paid in. You can send the invoice via email or a direct link, immediately or at a scheduled later date. Invoices can also be send to multiple recipients at one go, or on a recurring basis.

To create and send an invoice:

  1. Go to Send & Request.
  2. Click More.
  3. Under "Create an invoice" click Get Started.
  4. Enter the required information.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Review the information and click Send Invoice to send an invoice.

Option 3. Share your PayPal.Me link

PayPal.Me is our new, hassle-free way to pay and get paid. You can share your personal PayPal.Me link with anyone via SMS, social media platform or email. Your customers can then click or type your link and send you payments. If their payments meet the eligibility for Buyer Protection, their purchases will also be safeguarded by PayPal. Learn more about how PayPal.Me works.