How can I streamline and simplify merchant onboarding for a Connected path marketplace solution?

Important: PayPal for Partners is a limited-release solution at this time. It is available to select partners for approved use cases. For more information, reach out to your PayPal account manager or contact a PayPal Partner Expert.

Marketplace partners choose PayPal for Partners’ Connected path marketplace integration model when they want to manage their customer experience, while PayPal takes charge of fraud and merchant management and merchants; and PayPal and the merchants co-own liability for transactions.

If you’ve collected a large amount of information about your merchants, we recommend that you use our Upfront onboarding method. With Upfront onboarding, you post a PayPal signup link on your website for your merchants and PayPal does the rest. Using an in-context signup experience, Upfront onboarding:
  • Allows you to prefill the PayPal signup form with merchant information you already have. This saves time and expedites the setup process.
  • Keeps merchants on your website anhd minimizes the number of pages to navigate.
  • Makes the signup process fast and intuitive so more users are likely to complete it.

With Upfront onboarding, merchants who already have a PayPal business account must grant you, the partner, permission to make payments on their behalf. If a merchant doesn't have a PayPal Business account, we'll guide them to create one before granting you consent.

PayPal also provides two other onboarding methods for Connected path marketplaces:
  • URL onboarding – Sets up merchants to accept PayPal orders and users a URL with static parameters to direct the merchant to PayPal. Although this option doesn't allow you to prefill any information you have for your merchants, it provides faster setup than the Upfront onboarding method.
  • Progressive onboarding – Our newest method for setting up merchants to accept PayPal orders using the Connected path model. With Progressive onboarding, you can enable consumers to use PayPal to pay across your platform and merchants don't need to go through PayPal setup until they receive their first PayPal order. Once a consumer buys something with PayPal, we send the merchant an email and guide them through the account setup process.

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