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How do I view the HTML source code for a webpage?

A webpage's source code consists of the HTML and client-side scripts that a browser uses to display the page. Navigate to the webpage for which you want to view the source code and follow the instructions that apply to your browser:
  • Chrome - From the Menu icon (three horizontal bars), click More tools and then View source (or press Ctrl + U).
  • Firefox - From the Menu icon (three horizontal bars), click Developer and then Page Source (or press Ctrl + U).
  • Internet Explorer - From the View menu, click Source (or press Ctrl + U).
  • Safari - From the View menu, click Source  (or press Ctrl + Alt + U). 

Note: If the Menu bar is hidden, press Alt.

Here's how to download the source code:
  1. From the File menu, click Save or Save as.
  2. Type a name for the file you're saving and select a location to save it in.
  3. Click Save
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