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How do I use the PayPal API to determine shipping charges for a transaction?

There's no straightforward way to calculate the shipping charges with the API. However, you can calculate the shipping charges using the following formula:
Shipping Charges = Order Total - Tax - Item Total

To determine these values, use the GetTransactionDetails API for the transaction in question, and then follow these guidelines:
  • GetTransactionDetailsResponseType contains a PaymentTransactionType object.
  • The PaymentTransactionType object contains a PaymentInfoType object, and a PaymentItemInfoType object.
  • The PaymentItemInfoType object contains an array of PaymentItemType objects.
  • Order Total is available as the "grossAmount" field in the PaymentInfoType object.
  • Tax is available as the "TaxAmount" field in the PaymentInfoType object.
  • Item Total is the sum of the "amount" fields for all of the entries in the PaymentItemType array in the PaymentItemInfoType object.

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