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What is PayPal's policy regarding the sale of real property?

It is prohibited to use PayPal for the sale of real property. Real property is property that includes land, building and anything affixed to the land.

Apart from the direct sale of real property, other variations on this model are prohibited:

  • Raffles/lotteries: A website hosting a house raffle/lottery provides its users the opportunity to purchase chances to win a specific house.
  • Auctions: A website allowing its users to sort through property listings and place a bid on their desired property. There are many variations to the winning process, but typically the highest bidder or the individual who comes closest to the value of the house wins.
  • Reverse auctions: A website would typically offer properties for sale by a reverse auction process, where rather than the bidder with the highest bid winning, the winner is the individual who has the lowest unique bid. There is usually an administration/bid fee paid to make a bid.
  • Tax lien certificate auctions: A website allowing users to place bids on tax lien certificates. The certificate represents a lien on a property for the sum of the unpaid taxes. The winning bidder will become the tax lien holder of the property in question.
  • Timeshare sales: A website allowing its users to sell, buy or rent out their timeshares.

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