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Before June 30th, 2018 PayPal is requiring all account users to update their browsers to remain compliant with new security standards. You will not be able to access your PayPal account after June 30th if your browser isn’t updated. Learn how to upgrade your browser.

What are the fees for PayPal accounts?

The fees are the same for all PayPal account types.

Opening an account:
PayPal doesn't charge a fee to open a PayPal account.

Receiving money – Purchase payments (Goods and Services):
When you use PayPal to receive money for goods or services (such as from selling an item on eBay, Gumtree, your own website, etc.), there are some fees involved. To learn more about fees please refer to our Fees and Charges statement.

Receiving money – Personal payments:
It's free to receive money from friends or family in Australia when they send the money from the PayPal website using their PayPal balance or their bank account.

Sending money – Purchase payments:
It's free to use PayPal to purchase goods or services.

Sending money – Personal payments:
There are no fees within Australia to send money to family and friends when you use only your PayPal balance or bank account, or a combination of your PayPal balance and bank account.

There is a fee to send money as a personal payment using a debit card or credit card. To learn more about fees please refer to our Fees and Charges statement.

International payments:
There is a fee when you send a payment to someone in another country or if you receive a payment from someone in another country.

For more information on domestic and overseas payments, please refer to the Fees and Charges statement.

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