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How do I send money with Slack?

The PayPal bot on Slack allows consumers to send and request money while they are chatting with friends or coworkers on Slack.  The PayPal bot will be added to a Slack team by the Slack team administrator.  This will allow users to link their PayPal accounts to send, request, and receive money. For the recipient to accept a payment they must also have a PayPal account connected to Slack.

Here’s how to send money with the PayPal Slack bot.
  1. Connect your PayPal account to your Slack account.
  2. Choose a threshold amount, and preferred payment method to use for Personal payments on Slack.
  3. Type in /PayPal Send <amount> to <person – identified by Slack @name> and click Enter to send the message.
Once the payment is sent, you’ll receive a private Slack confirmation message. This message will include the amount, the recipient, the payment method you’re using and any fees or exchange rates associated with the payment.

Once the payment goes through, you’ll receive a success message displayed to the Slack channel. If the payment would fail, you’ll receive a private message that would explain the cause.
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