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Does PayPal charge any fees to create and run a PayPal Fundraiser?

When creating your fundraiser, choose between:

  • Reach a lot of people (raise money to support someone or something you care about)
  • Raise money with a small group (for more personal things like birthdays or group gifts)
  • Support a charity (mobilise your friends behind your favorite charity)

If you're raising money for a charity, PayPal covers the transaction fees, so 100% of the donation goes to the charity (when no currency conversion is involved).

If you raise money for yourself, someone else or a group, you can choose to make it a listed fundraiser or an unlisted fundraiser.

  • If you choose to make it a listed fundraiser, where it's discoverable and promoted via the PayPal app and website, you'll pay a fee for every payment received in your listed fundraiser.
  • If you choose to unlist the fundraiser and share it only with selected people, there's no fee for you to pay. The donors may need to pay a standard personal transaction fee, depending on the payment method they use and the country/region where their PayPal account is registered. They can see the fee amount when completing the donation.
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