The PayPal guide to selling overseas


Check out governmental agencies that support and finance exporters, including:


The internet has no boundaries, and it is not complicated to reach out to international buyers. Some tips to make your website more appealing:

  • Highlight your ability to accept international orders
  • Make sure your website has a multi-language toggle
  • List your products in local currency
  • Offer clear information on shipping, costs, and countries served


Look to expand your existing domestic marketing to a global audience. There are many ways to attract international buyers. Local search tools and direct mail are possible options.


With 190 countries, 17 currencies and 141 million accounts worldwide, PayPal allows your business to:

With PayPal, your business has access to local funding methods worldwide, without the hassle of having to open multiple merchant accounts overseas. With a single PayPal account, you have access to all the worldwide benefits that can grow your business.


For global shipping services, evaluate the shipping carriers servicing your area. The larger shipping companies offer packages and all-in-one solutions. These solutions may include handling, customs and excise documentation, and shipping calculators. For more information on your options, you can visit websites such as Australia Post (, DHL International Shipping ( and FedEx International Shipping (

Customer service

Language can be a barrier for international customer service. Most buyers ordering from your site will understand English. Make sure that return policies are clear for international transactions. Skype can help your international customer service with free member-to-member calls. If your company intends to set up a website overseas, it is important to provide customer service in the local language.


Customs and documentation

All shipments must clear customs, the agency that regulates shipments entering a country or region. To help customs officials understand the contents, value, and purpose of your shipment, you must attach customs forms to the outside of your package so that they can be examined easily. Some shipping companies will handle this for you as a service.

The customs documentation that is required for postal articles sent from Australia depends on the postal service used and the contents of the article.

You can get information on key customs forms at Visit the World Customs Organization at for more information about customs regulations around the world.

Duties and taxes

Duties and taxes may be charged to the buyer on certain items and vary by country. Make sure that your customers are aware that import duties and taxes are their responsibility. For more information visit: