Recurring Billing Service: Overview


Extra convenience for you and your customers.

Whether it's an instalment plan, membership fee or subscription service, Recurring Billing Service gives your business a way to get paid automatically on a regular schedule.

Recurring Billing offers your customers a way to save time by automatically debiting their credit or debit cards. Your business can improve profitability and cash flow, as well as:

  • Automate payments. Reduce the hassles that come with manually processing recurring sales.
  • Offer flexible payment schedules. With instalment and subscription payments, you can give your customers more choices to increase their satisfaction.
  • Improve forecasting. With subscriptions and instalment plans, your business will have a better idea when revenue is coming in.
  • Easily manage. Choose a billing schedule, offer one-off fees and special features, or select responses to payment problems on an easy-to-use secure webpage.
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