Recurring Billing Service: How It Works


This page will help you to:

  • Learn how Recurring Billing works
  • Integrate Recurring Billing into your payment solution

How It Works

Quickly set up Recurring Billing by simply creating customer profiles with the PayPal Manager. Or if you are a Website Payments Pro user, add customisation features using the Website Payments Pro Software Development Kit (SDK). Each customer profile includes your customer's name and billing information, the amount and frequency to charge, and the length of the agreement.

After creating your customer profiles, the amount you specified is charged to your customer’s account. An optional email is sent to your customer when their account is charged.

Take charge of your account using the PayPal Manager to:

  • Create and maintain your customer profiles.
  • Configure optional email notifications.
  • Request emailed transaction summaries.

Integrate Recurring Billing Service

Before integrating Recurring Billing, you should be using one of the following payment services:

Getting started.
You will need an Internet connection and your merchant username and password to complete these steps.

  1. Add Recurring Billing. Call 1800 729 725 to add Recurring Billing to your Payflow Gateway.
  2. Create profiles.Log in to PayPal Manager to create and manage your profiles with no programming skills. Or if you already have Website Payments Pro, you can use the Website Payments Pro Software Development Kit (SDK)to create your profiles.

  3. Configure email notifications. Log in to PayPal Manager to create optional emails for customer notifications and request email summaries to help you monitor your Recurring Billing Service transactions.

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