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Payflow Gateway Pricing

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Australia Pricing

The prices listed are for the Payflow gateways only and do not include additional fees that your bank or card association may charge.

GatewaySet-up PriceMonthly PriceIncluded Monthly TransactionsAdditional Transactions
Payflow Pro
$500.00 AUD$136.32 AUDUp to 750$0.18 AUD per transaction
Payflow Link$300.00 AUD$45.41 AUDUp to 200$0.23 AUD per transaction
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Payflow Gateway services include:

  • Low transaction prices
    The monthly price includes your first 750 (Payflow Pro) or 200 (Payflow Link) transactions. For additional transactions, $0.18 AUD is charged for Payflow Pro and $0.23 AUD is charged for Payflow Link.
  • Accept credit cards and PayPal
    Payflow Pro payment services include purchase cards Level 2 & 3 support (for supported processors), and PayPal payments. Payflow Link payment services include support for Level 1 processing and PayPal.
  • Phone and email support
    For Payflow Pro users, we offer email, web and freephone support. For Payflow Link users, we provide email and web support.