What's the difference between a dispute and a claim?

Dispute: You can open a dispute if you didn’t receive your item or it’s not as described. You can open a dispute within 180 days of the transaction date.

By opening a dispute, you can communicate with your seller in the Resolution Center. You can request a refund, return the item, and/or ask the seller to re-ship the item. With a dispute, PayPal doesn’t get involved or decide the outcome. If you can’t resolve the issue, you can escalate it to a claim. You have 20 days to resolve a dispute. After 20 days the dispute will automatically be closed and you won’t be able to re-open it.

Claim: If you can’t reach a resolution during the dispute process, you can escalate the dispute to a claim. When you escalate to a claim, PayPal will get involved and decide the outcome. We may email you to provide additional information or to ship the item back.