Online invoicing


PayPal makes it safer, faster and easier for any business to send professional invoices and be paid online, without the need for a website.

  • Simply log in to your PayPal account and send an invoice by email.
  • Your customers don’t even need a PayPal account
  • Customers can pay directly by credit card.

What You Get

Everything you need to create and email online invoices.

Key Benefits

If time is money, online invoicing with online payments can save you a bundle.

Make it easier for customers to pay you

Customers click on the payment button in your invoice to pay using their credit card – they don't even need a PayPal account. You can receive payments as soon as they're made.

Create professional invoices quickly

PayPal invoices include descriptions, quantities, item IDs, unit prices, shipping, and VAT. You can save time by storing and reusing your favourite invoice templates.

Reconcile invoices automatically

Reconcile your invoices and payments automatically online, and receive a helpful summary of account activity each month. If you've sent an invoice and not received payment, you can send a reminder with a single click.

Get your money fast

You can get your money in minutes with PayPal.

Reporting & Back Office

PayPal is your online accountant. At a glance, review your invoices and see what's been paid. Stay on top of your money with these tools.

Downloadable logs

Export your transactions to Excel, QuickBooks, or Quicken.

Transaction search

Quickly find a particular sale, customer, or record. Useful if customers inquire about their orders.


Issue a full or partial refund within 60 days of a transaction, and we'll even send you a credit for all or part of your transaction fee.

Your Money

Easy access to your money in 30 days

Payments will appear in your PayPal account as a pending balance for 30 days. After the 30-day hold period, your money will move from a pending balance to an available balance and be available for withdrawal.

Once the money is available, you can withdraw it to the Visa card or U.S. bank account of your choice at any time. In addition, PayPal automatically transfers your full available balance to your Visa card or U.S. bank account once a month.

At this time, money you receive must be withdrawn from PayPal before you can spend it. You can still shop and pay with PayPal using your Visa card.

Transfer to your Visa card issued in your country

When you link your Visa card to your PayPal account, you can withdraw your money to that card. You can link any card issued in your country with the Visa symbol.

You can then use the money to make purchases with your Visa card, just as you normally would. For example, if you withdraw $500, you’ll either pay down the balance on your card, or if the card does not have a negative balance, then you will have $500 available on your Visa card.

You can withdraw money to your Visa card anytime. And if you choose this as your preferred withdrawal method, PayPal will transfer your available balance there automatically, once a month. Note: each transfer to your Visa card that’s initiated by you costs $5.00 USD. If PayPal transfers the money, there’s no cost to you.

Transfer to your U.S. bank account

When you link your U.S.-based bank account to your PayPal account you can withdraw your available balance to that bank account. You can use any U.S. bank account.

You can withdraw money to your U.S. bank account anytime. And if you choose this as your preferred withdrawal method, PayPal will transfer your available balance there automatically, once a month. Note: there is no charge for transfers to your U.S. bank account.

Automatic transfers & maximum withdrawals

Our automatic withdrawal sends your entire available balance to your Visa card or U.S. bank account once a month.

You can also request a withdrawal from your available balance at any time. If you are withdrawing money to your Visa card, there is a maximum amount of $500 USD per day. Withdrawals to your U.S. bank account are unlimited.

Tax & Shipping

Shipping Calculator

Calculate shipping as a percentage of the total, or just enter the amount you want added to the order.

Fraud Reduction

If there's one thing people know about PayPal, it's how seriously we take security. Behind the scenes, we work to help keep you and your customers safe from fraudulent transactions.

Automatic Fraud Screening

Guard your business with our relentless fraud screens, address and card verification checks, and 128-bit encryption for payments—all at no additional charge.

PCI & CISP Compliance

PayPal adheres to international PCI (payment card industry) and CISP (cardholder information security program) standards for data protection. These standards are designed to help protect your business from fraud and loss of data.

International Currencies

Accept payments in 22 currencies from 190 countries and markets worldwide.

  • Israeli Shekels
  • US Dollars
  • Euros
  • British Pounds
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Japanese Yen
  • Australian Dollars
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Swiss Francs
  • Hong Kong Dollars
  • Singapore Dollars
  • Swedish Kroner
  • Danish Kroner
  • Polish Zloty
  • Norwegian Kroner
  • Hungarian Forints
  • Czech Koruny
  • Mexican Pesos
  • Brazilian Reais
  • Philippine Pesos
  • Taiwan New Dollars
  • Thai Baht

Currency Conversion

Invoice your customers in US dollars or a foreign currency. And, if you'd like, we'll convert balances for you at a competitive rate.


We work to make sure everything runs like clockwork. Here's how we help you:

Phone Support

Our customer service reps will help resolve your specific issues.

Email Your Question

Get a response via email within 24 hours.

Help Center

Quickly find an answer to common questions about PayPal.

How It Works

Create and email invoices in just a few minutes.

Email invoicing with online payments step-by-step

You create an invoice.

Your customer receives the invoice by email.

Your customer pays you.

You get paid.(The fun part!)


1. You create an invoice.

You create a new invoice or reuse an existing invoice template. Next, you enter customer contact information and billing details such as quantities, unit prices, sales tax, and shipping costs. If you use Quicken or QuickBooks, add a PayPal button to your invoices so your customers can pay you online.


2. Your customer receives the invoice by email.

When a customer receives an email invoice in their inbox, they open it and click the payment button to make a payment.


3. Your customer pays you.

Your customer has the option to pay using their credit card, bank account, or PayPal balance. They don't even need a PayPal account.


4. You get paid. (The fun part!)

You receive an email when you get paid. You can then transfer the money to your bank account (bank transfers usually take 5-7 days to clear) or spend it online anywhere PayPal is accepted.


All our costs are out in the open. No hidden charges.
You pay a fixed percentage and a low transaction fee on every sale.

  • No monthly Fee
  • No setup fees
  • No fees to send an invoice
  • Pricing

    You might see lower rates published elsewhere. But with PayPal, there are no fees to send an invoice and no additional costs like set-up charges, monthly fees, or cancellation charges.

    The table below reflects the fee for receiving payments from outside of your country.

    Monthly payments Fee per transaction
    $0.00 USD - $3,000.00 USD 3.4% + $0.30 USD
    $3,000.01 USD - $10,000.00 USD 2.9% + $0.30 USD*
    $10,000.01 USD - $100,000.00 USD 2.7% + $0.30 USD*
    > $100,000.00 USD 2.4% + $0.30 USD*

    *Merchant rate qualification required.

    When your monthly sales exceed $3,000 USD and you've been a PayPal member more than 90 days, please fill out a one-time application, subject to approval.

    The table above applies to payments received in U.S. dollars. Each transaction requiring a currency conversion is charged a conversion rate that includes a currency processing fee of 2.5%.

    View Full List of Fees