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Ways to use PayPal on the go
PayPal Mobile works with all major U.S. carriers and on most phones. See the list of supported carriers.
Since PayPal probably works on your phone, you just need to choose how you’d like to use it. There are three convenient ways to use PayPal on the go:
1. By mobile web
If your phone has a browser, you can check your PayPal balance, send money, and find places to shop. To get started, visit on your phone.
2. By text
Once you activate your phone, you can text messages to check your balance, send money, and buy things with PayPal.
3. By phone
You can use any touch-tone phone to call our automated voice system to check your balance or send a payment. Activate your phone, and then call 1-800-4PAYPAL

Standard message and data rates may apply