Why PayPal?


Choose a global leader in online payments and get paid fast

Reassure your customers with a brand known and trusted in 190 countries around the world. And get your money fast.

When the order is complete, the money usually shows up in your PayPal business account within minutes. From there, transfer it directly to your bank account, pay suppliers or spend it online wherever PayPal is accepted.

Protect your business from fraud

If there's one thing people know about PayPal, it's how seriously we take security. Behind the scenes, we work hard to protect your business. Automatic fraud screening, our team of fraud specialists and our Seller Protection Policy are all working to help keep your business and your customers safer.

Provide a great experience for customers

PayPal gives online and mobile shoppers an easy, convenient, more secure way to pay. We don't charge your customers to make a purchase and they can pay you using their credit card, bank account or direct from their PayPal account in any of 25 currencies. It's so easy that million people prefer to pay with PayPal.

Keep your costs down

Like most credit card processors, we charge a small percentage and fixed transaction fee on every sale. What makes PayPal different is that there are no fees for setup, downgrades, statements or account cancellation.

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Expand your business into mobile

The way people shop is evolving and purchases made on mobile devices now represent a big piece of the pie. Make sure you get your share, provide your customers with a better mobile checkout experience, included automatically as part of our online payment solutions.