How to get started with PayPal

  • 1. Solution

    Choose your payment solution

    PayPal is tailored to your business needs

    Accept credit cards and PayPal on your website

    Add our secure payment buttons to your site and you could be selling online in minutes. You can add the buttons yourself by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code. Once you've added the buttons to your site, you can start accepting credit and debit card payments as well as PayPal payments.

    More about Website Payments Standard

    You can increase sales in 3 clicks

    Add PayPal to your existing checkout and welcome million PayPal customers worldwide who love the convenience and security of PayPal. The PayPal logo reassures buyers who may be unfamiliar with your website and customers check out in three easy clicks so more of them complete the sale.

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    Sell to millions on eBay

    Whether you're an established retailer looking for a revenue boost or a new start up, selling on eBay can help you grow your business and reach millions of customers all over the world. PayPal is the prefered way to pay on eBay, it's safer and faster for both buyers and sellers

    PayPal on eBay

  • 2. Integration

    Tips to give your customers confidence

    Make the most of PayPal

    Show you accept PayPal

    Displaying PayPal logos and acceptance marks is an instant way to let your customers know that they can pay securely on your website. Millions of consumers worldwide choose PayPal as a safer, more convenient way to pay. Use our logo to reassure them.

    Show all payment methods

    Make paying as easy as possible for your customers. Let them know how they can pay by displaying the logos of the different payment methods you accept clearly on the homepage and individual product pages.


    Download our logos

    Add PayPal logos and acceptance marks to your site.

  • 3. Setup

    Setting up you PayPal account

    4 steps to a smooth setup

    Add your bank details

    Simply add your bank details so you can transfer money quickly and easily to and from your bank account and PayPal account.

    Add your bank details

    Lift the limits on your account

    To help us keep buyers and sellers safe, your PayPal account has limits on the amount of money you can send and receive. You can lift these limits to avoid disruption.

    Lift your limits

    Use the tools available

    Your PayPal account includes helpful tools to manage your account. Simply log in to your account to discover the reposting and account management tools available.

    Explore account tools

    Verify your account

    It's a good idea to verify your account so you can continue to use it freely. It just lets us know a bit more about you as part of our security measures.

    Verify your account